Sunday, June 22, 2014

All About Bows

There has not been any time this last week or this coming week for adventures or the like in my craft room. It is busy "day job" time and busy "after 5:00 job" time here. So not much time to be creative for myself.

However, I have found myself playing with my paper scraps when I can grab a couple minutes here and there. I am fascinated with this bow template I found via KSimone's  Inspired Me Blog which she got from howaboutorange blog

Oh my goodness! It is so much fun! I printed it off and shrunk it down to 50% and 35% to make small bows. It is the small things that entertain me sometimes, well ALOT of the time! 

Hope you can find some small things to bring smiles your way this week.

Happy Week To You, ~ Tisha


  1. These are awesome and will look wonderful on all sorts of crafting projects!

  2. These bows are so adorable! and a perfect way to attack my scrap piles!

  3. Adorable, Tisha, and love the colors!

  4. bows are really the popular embellishment right now aren't they?
    I see them everywhere :)
    I can see them being addicted to making :)
    Fun colour combinations.

  5. Love the color combinations and the different sizes. Awesome!!