Monday, February 22, 2016

January's Final 6x8 Pocket Pages

Happy Hello!

I am sharing the last of my January pocket pages.  I am so glad I am just poking along with documenting monthly pics in a 6x8 album.  This February, we have not been picture snapping and my February pages will be few in number. :) But that will be ok, it is my intent to go with the flow this year.

Sharing the remainder of my January pages!

Happy Scrapping, ~Tisha




Thursday, February 11, 2016

My 2016 Pocket Life Plans

It was last year that I really became a tad worried about the number of scrapbook albums I was accruing.  I love playing with my pretty papers and photos.  I can't stop playing but I don't want 50 scrapbooks weighing down the house! What to do?

This year I plan to do monthly pocket pages of everyday photos I have taken for the month and put in a 6x8 Snap Album. I love catching photos of this and that but not necessary feel I need to play on a 12x12 canvas with these photos. So this will be perfect, I can collect all these everyday photos and document them in the 6x8 album.

I am also being smart, I think. :p  I am going to use my large collection of Maggie Holmes papers and embellishments in these albums. (I bought two 6x8 albums for this year.)  I think this will be a brilliant way to use some of the paper and the albums will be cohesive since Maggie Holmes papers go so well together no matter what collection they are from.

My plans will not follow any project life disciplines.  I plan to use whatever photos are from the month in any order that looks good to me.  Some months may only have a handful of pages and other months may have more.  I will put the pocket pages together at the end of the month.

I really am excited about my plans! Can't wait to see how I fare with this! I have January completed and enjoyed putting the pages together. So far, I am doing great!

Some pics of January pages.



Happy Scrapping!  ~Tisha :)