My Scrappy Heart Self

I am a scrappy heart. 
My name is Tisha. 

I have lived in this world for 40+ years now. The majority of these years, I've played with some medium of art. From the early years of creating paperdolls and their clothing to the now years of scrapbook fun, I have dabbled in all art. I am 100% scrappy at the time being. I love my paper and glue and photos. Whenever I am home, I am in my craft room. I never tire of playing with my scraps. I created my blog to dedicate to my adventures in my scrappy world. I want a home for all my adventures to reside in one place. Thus, I created my blog for myself and whomever may want to peak into my scrappy heart. 

Thanks for stopping by! I wish we could sit over a cup of coffee and visit about scraps. Alas, this digital world; so close but so far away. Let me know if you blog so I can repay a visit with you as well. 
 Enjoy, Tisha

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