Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YouTube Loving and Thanking

I believe my addiction to YouTube started a year ago. LOL, it is not an addiction; but I do find I would rather pull up YouTube versus Hulu on the iPad when I am at home. So, it all started about a year ago when students kept telling me that they go to YouTube for study tips and tutoring. I, the snob I was, thought, “YouTube, isn’t that where all the cat videos and crazy kids jumping off stuff are populated?” I went to go see what my students were telling me and checked out some videos on studying and so on. Of course, I had to search scrapbook just to see while I was there.  Well, the rest is what you expect. I am in LOVE with YouTube!
Today, I share what I have learned from YouTube. Unbelievable Amazing, what all these scrappers share with the world. I, for one, am thankful. It is just so peaceful and inspiring to zone in when I am home after my chores are done for the night. Just wonderful!

Here are my highlights, just to mention some. I am truly excited to find more channels to watch and find more techniques to try!

What I am Learning and Loving:

I am now loving outlining my paper layers, I am loving layers, and I am loving curling up corners of my papers and using foam dots! Thanks to what I have learned watching MercyTiara!

I am loving using my old crochet thread to wrap around banners and to use on tags! I am so in love with creating banners and working in grid sections. Thank you Jen!

I have dug out my stamps and even purchased some doodle roller stamps. I want to create messy backgrounds now. I love the mist spatters and the stamping. Thank you Kitty Scrapper!!

Oh, thank you Kraftin Kate for my new gold addiction! I am loving the gold embossing, the gold mist, the gold ink, the gold rub pot thing I bought. It is all sparkly love right now. 

I am painting with my mists on my background now! I love what the possibilities of what I can do with white paper and paint. Thank you Wilna!

Thanks YouTube as well!
I am excited to see what else is out there, I am just getting started! 

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