Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just add GOLD!

Gold is so lovely! And when you want something gold for your project, well you want it gold. :) My lately gone gold addiction is gold doilies. I am having a delightful time painting doilies with my Krylon Gold Leafing Pen. I have had this pen for at least 7 years, seriously. And it is now getting a work out. I have almost used it up. It covers so well and is pure eye candy. Warning: the pen does smell. 

I also get double reward for my work. I will lay my doily I am painting over a piece of paper so that when I pull the doily up, I have the negative imprint. Sweet!!!

Just normal doilies from the baking section of your local market.

Awesome imprints for a second use!

This is my current scratch paper that I use for catching mist sprays or in this case, gold ink! It will make a lovely background for something eventually.

Happy Gold Wednesday! Tisha

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