Monday, December 1, 2014

Then and Now

It is a time of reflection in my hobby room lately. This fall has been busy with work and deadlines. I am finally able to have my hobby room all to myself for my projects. I am still re-arranging and rethinking my set up. I started my "rethink/rearrange" last December! Wow, now it is December again! 

My reflections have focused here recently on where I started with my scrapbook hobby and where I am now with my hobby. There have been numerous changes with my scrapbook style, my reasons for my scrapbook, my scrapbook supplies, and my scrapbook room itself. My love for scrapbooking itself, has not changed. 

It is interesting to look back at layouts from the early days to the present day. During my rearrange, I took down some layouts I had pinned to my wallboard so that I could repin some recent layouts to the wallboard.

I took down layouts from 2005, 2006, and 2007. It is fun to see where I have changed with my hobby.

These are the early years. I was just getting into large photo placements, rub ons, and flowers.

I was stitching on my layouts then and I was paper tearing. I was using more earth tone colors, darker colors.

These are my more current layouts.  Here I am playing with embossing pastes, flair, paper layers, watercolor, and smaller photos. I am using bright colors and light papers, nowadays.

For me, it makes me smile to look back and see how trends played out in my older layouts to my newer layouts. I am happy to follow trends and move into new processes. The one thing that does not change for me is the happiness I have when I am in my hobby room crafting. Christmas break is coming soon and I can not wait to start playing! I have just about completed my new makeover for my hobby room. Hopefully, I can get some nice photos to share before I make a big mess this Christmas break, as I hope to spend the majority of my time off in here! :)

Thanks for stopping by to listen to my musings! ~ Tisha


  1. Hope you have plenty of time to create, Tisha, have missed seeing your projects! I also went through a similar change in color palettes over the years and I never would've guessed I'd use so much pink! :)

  2. Darling layouts and pictures Tisha, I bet you can't wait to start crafting in your craft room.

    Hugs diane

  3. It's always fun to take a look back, for the memories, and to see how our styles have changed. Wonderful collection of layouts!

  4. Wow, all of your layouts look great!!
    I sometime cringe at my older layouts…I only had neon card stock and used both sides to save on paper, lol.
    But like you my love of scrapbooking and documenting mine and my family's lives haven't changed :)
    I started totally re-organizing my craft room in the early Spring…but quit when summer came and haven't really started working on it again. Good luck to you
    Looking forward to seeing your room :)

  5. Great pages! It's really cool that you were stitching on your layouts back then. No matter the style, you are preserving precious memories.

  6. Love it!! It's funny for me to look back at old layouts, I can tell when I got certain products or tools! Such great memories!!

  7. Grat layouts.
    I think your older layouts are so much artistic then my current layouts ;)
    I don't think I would share my old layouts..when I first started there was only neon card stock and I cut my photos in shapes, teehee.
    Looking forward to seeing your future layouts :)