Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pickle Jar Make Over!

What a little busy week it has been here and my hobby room feels so abandoned. I have been pulled away too many nights with outside "life" stuff.  But never fear, I had a reunion with my hobby room last night and we transformed an old commercial size pickle jar (leftover stuff from sis's wedding). It has been holding ribbons up to it's make over night.

We are preparing for our big event at the LSS I work at and I thought this huge pickle jar would be great to hold some tall stem flowers or fru fru for our guest's table. I also thought I should play with some gold paint as our guest loves gold. Why not!

I did not get any before pictures as I really did not have faith this would work. I used Krylon gold spray paint. The can said it would work on glass. I used some old washi tape to tape off some stripes on the jar and then taped off the top so no sprays would go on the inside.

Sooo, it turned out OK for my first go with spray paint and glass jars. 

Lessons learned: Be patient and wait for it to dry! Be observant and actually pay attention to how close you are spraying to the jar! Don't tape stripes over the curve of the top of the jar! Gold Sharpie pen actually helped a couple of boo-boo areas!

I also sprayed an Dollar Tree silver serving tray while I was going after the pickle jar.

I hot glued some natural fiber ribbon around the threaded top area. Inside I made a tube with some scrap paper to sit on the inside as an option.

This is the jar with nothing inside.  You can see the top area is jagged where I taped off on the curve of the jar.  But I think it turned out ok for a first go. Now I will see how it holds up just sitting around on the table, if it scratches and peels.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello to me and this Pickle Jar! :)  Tisha


  1. Super cute, Tisha, it'll look great with some flowers! Thanks for sharing what you learned, really helpful insight! :)

  2. I think this looks great! :) And I LOVE finding fun things at the Dollar store! :)

  3. So pretty with the gold and a great upcycling project!

  4. Such a fun project!!!
    I love the wood paper inside the jar :)

  5. Very pretty! I think it turned out great. The Boo boos make it unique ;) I think it looks fine!